Introducing Elconfig -

Your Deployment-free Configuration Manager

Built for efficiency

Centralized configuration management via an easy-to-use web inteface. Real-time configuration updates to your application using an efficient, light-weight client interface.

Real-time, deployment-less configuration update

Make changes to critical application configurations in real-time without requiring a deployment.

Easy-to-use management interface

An easy-to-use web management interface suitable for technical and non-technical staff.
Elconfig how to

Key Features

Easy configuration management via web app

A user inteface designed with simplicity in mind. Easily make changes to application configurations using standard web form controls and save them for your application to consume. Configuring the business logic of your application has never been easier.

Feature management

Feature monitoring
Keep track, monitor and coordinate configuration updates with team

Easily view configuration changes and notes made by other team members. Stay up to date and closely watch configurations and get notified when other team members make changes.

Dynamic script execution

Use Elconfig's powerful Javascript execution engine to dynamically execute C# objects in a Javascript context. Dynamic script execution allows for flexible script-driven configurations; giving your application the ability to make advanced configurable business logic.

Feature scripting

Feature versioning
Configuration versioning

Elconfig gives you the ability to easily roll-back to a previously saved version of a configuration object. Diff the current version of a configuration object with a previous version to see what changes have been made. See a complete history log of any configuration.